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Most of us are, hopefully, preparing for a summer break! Why not take some time to read about the dog world in dogdotcom and to count our blessings?

In a little more than one month, many will gather in Helsinki for what could be the biggest FCI World Dog Show ever: the registration are more than promising and, Finland being a doggy country, we can expect a high participation!

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Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager
The Kennel Club of San Marino on their Dog Show held on 24-25 May, 2014

We think it is not possible to start this short report without having a thought for our beloved founders and former President and General Secretary Mr Franco Stacchini and Mrs Joan Keukens Stacchini, who have dedicated most part of their lives to the Kennel Club of San Marino and who, with their hard work and patience have made all this possible.

Everybody knows that 2011 was the “Annus horribilis” for the Kennel Club of San Marino and for its team, and those events were an indelible mark in its history. We were in a very hard position since we had been really endangered after those terrible incidents.

From left to right, Mr Enrico Drudi, President of KCSM, Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez, President of the Argentinian canine organisation and member of the FCI General Committee and Mr Yves De Clercq, FCI Executive Director

But, as promised by Mr Franco Stacchini, at that time President, and by the current President Mr Enrico Drudi, at the meeting held at the FCI headquarters on May 8th, 2012, within a few years the Kennel Club of San Marino has risen again. After a year of shock and semi-immobility trying to understand and to find a solution and fighting against a dissident association that tried to give a bad image of our Kennel, the Kennel Club has started again to arrange dog shows and to reimburse the exhibitors.

We found the solidarity of many of FCI member States that understood the seriousness of our problem and that decided to help us organising joint dog shows that could attract as much exhibitors as possible, of course we know that some other FCI members disliked this, but to us it was a real godsend.

During these last 3 years, the Kennel Club and all its staff have worked hard to improve day by day every field of the dog world in San Marino. First of all, for example, in the Dog Shows we supply the novelty of the tablets and the white-boards in the rings, where it is possible to enter all the results in real-time, and in spite of everything, we always have done all our best to arrange the better conditions for our guests; second, we managed to put all the hunting sector in order and we are so proud to say that our Hound Section was asked by the European Cup Commission to organise the European Cup for Hounds in 2015, and we hope it will be a success. Third, we also appointed Mr Andreini A. and Mr Mularoni G.L. who are in charge, respectively, of the Hunting and Agility sections, and we believe they will do a very good work.

© Mr Sabolic Denis (DEYA)
BIS Judge: Ms Lisbeth Mach (CH)
1. AZAWAKH AZAMOUR KHEMOSABI, Owner: Mr Andrey Klishas (RU)
2. KUKKOLA JAMBO JAMBO, Owner: Mr Nannotti Fabrizio (IT)
3. FEBAK OF BOBBIE DEL BAFFIN, Owner: Mr Peruzzi Alessandro (IT)

On May 24th, 2014 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary and our 30th International Dog Show, and it is with much pride that we can say that we are finally coming up for air. During the organisation of this event we were all so anxious and worried, but now it is with great satisfaction that we can attest that our Anniversary and 30th Dog Show have been a real success.

Of course we know that there is still much work to be done, but we are sure to be on the right track to guarantee to San Marino’s cynology a long and healthy life.

The Kennel Club of San Marino wants to thank all those who have appreciated its efforts to improve and to get well again, and above all the FCI Commissions for their great tolerance.

Enrico Drudi
President of KCSM